Custom-Made, Affordable Dental Products

Other Products

Olson Dental Laboratory has the capabilities to make a large variety of dental products right here in Clinton Township, MI so they are affordable for patients. From frameworks to full and partial dentures, and more – let us help you find the perfect solution for your patient!

Vitallium Cast Framework

  • 2 Clasps, 2 Saddles Lingual bar or Horseshoe
  • Additional clasp, saddle, tongue fit,
  • Kennedy or double palatal bar

Metal-Free Frameworks

  • Duracetal Frame Only
  • TCS Flexible Partial Complete
  • DuraFlex Partial Complete

Dentures / Plus Teeth


  • Partial set-up
  • Partial finish
  • Full denture set-up
  • Premium Lucitone finish
  • Ivocap Injection
  • Base Plate & Rim
  • Bite Splint – hard
  • Bite Splint – soft
  • Bite Splint – hard/soft
  • Reline
  • Reline / Soft
  • Re-set
  • Repair
  • Custom Tray
  • Denture Identification
  • DuraFlex Clasp
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